About Us:

HQ Autosport is an amateur racing team that up until recently
campaigned a BMW 3 Series powered by a custom built
turbocharged M42 engine.  Being the only turbo powered 4
cylinder race car in BMW Club Racing created an opportunity to
help others in the BMW community involved in similar projects for
either street or track applications.  This site is dedicated to
providing information about our project, updates on our track
activities and information about our sponsors and the products
they provide.

We believe that racing should be fun and (reasonably)
affordable.  We've set out to prove that amateur racers can field
a competitive, affordable, and home built candidate in one of the
most popular BMW CCA Club Racing classes.  We hope the
products and information we provide here will support that effort.

What's New:      

  • DIY Wiring Diagram -- Late production M42 & M44 ECU
    connector to coil pack wiring diagram for customers with
    the ECU connector that want to modify their wiring to
    accept the HQ Autosport M42 COP kit.

  • New Pricing -- Our customer have been asking for our
    most cost effective kit.  Our new option pricing provides this

  • Updates -- Find out what's new with team HQ
    Autosport.  Recent upgrades including our new Spec
    E46 project here, photos from Chuckwalla here and
    new videos from Chuckwalla here.

  • New Machined #1 Coil -- Another reason to purchase
    the HQ Autosport COP kit and available with all new
    kit orders
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HQ Autosport
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