#089 Project Photos -- pg 2
PDR-100:  video
Racepak G2X:   
GPS data logger
Racepak IQ3:  
digital dash
Electromotive TEC3R:  
engine control unit
Racing:        two-way
radio system
Yes, those are           
operating room lights
Below -- This is where the car lives and is our build site. No, we don't have lift and yes
those are operating room lights. Aside from the work we outsourced like the cage and paint,
everything else was done here. All the engine and drive line installation and removal,
cleaning the interior to remove the sound deadening material, new suspension, brakes,
bushings, electronics, and plumbing were all done here. We also did the engine tear down
and rebuild.
Above -- Tuning the car at Canyon Racer Motorsport in Mission Viejo.  If you live in
Southern California and you are looking for a good dyno to tune your car you need to call
Michael at Canyon Racer.  In the early stages of our build we tuned remotely with the help
of Vic Sias from Sias Tuning in Mountain View.  Thanks to the web you can make a run on
the dyno in Southern California and have your tuner be anywhere else in the world that has
web access.  In our case, Vic is located in Northern California.
Below -- This photo labels all of the non-BMW electronics we use in the #089 car.  The
video camera (lip stick style) is located out of view just to the right of the driver right side net
on a camera mount off the roll cage cross bar.
Below -- This is what we started with.  Our M42 was pulled from a 1991 318is.  The core
engine we purchased was relatively inexpensive (compared to purchasing a 24v 6 cylinder)
and it included the transmission which we immediately sold.  At the time we didn't realize we
would end up using the Getrag 240 in the long ran.
Above -- With a little work... okay it took more than a little work but this is what the engine
currently looks like. Lets not forget some aftermarket parts, custom parts and plenty of
development time.  Note the HQ Autosport custom intake plenum.
HQ Autosport