HQ Autosport
#089 Project Photos -- pg 1
Below -- First HPDE with the car.  At this point we were building it for K-Prepared.  It was
still a 325i and basically street legal.  We installed a Ground Control suspension, sway
bars, strut brace (which we don't run any longer), chip, header and cat-back exhaust.  I
think it took us 45 minutes to load the car on that trailer.
Above -- NASA HPDE at Willow Springs in Rosamond CA.  This is the earliest version of
the track car.  At this point we were still running Z rated street tires.
Below -- The freshly built, never started M42 turbo engine prior to installation.  The engine
block has a new coat of black paint.  The valve cover was power coated.
Below -- M42 turbo exhaust manifold. This part was purchased from 666 Fabrication.  
This  manifold was the prototype.  We had just received this back from Jet Hot which is a
powder coat process for high temperature applications.  We managed to burn this off in a
few hours of track time.
Above -- After testing the Turbo M42 powered car at the track we realized that we needed
more braking power and a larger contact patch.  This is the UUC Willwood kit.  We
upgraded to 235's up from on 17 x 7.5's up front and 255's on 17 x 9's in the rear.