HQ Autosport
#089 Project Photos -- pg 3
Below -- The oil cooler is positioned in front of the radiator and located behind the kidney
grills (which are removed for this photo).  The rest of the photo is all intercooler.
Above -- This was our first test day with the turbo M42 at Willow Springs.  The car still had
15 in Kosei's with 225/50/15 Z-rated street tires.  The wing was low due to short uprights.
Below -- This is another early test but this time at Buttonwillow Raceway. This photo shows
the new (at the time) upgrades of Willwood brakes, 17 inch wheels running 235's up front
and 255's in the rear.  The larger wheels required some clearance so we added the 2002
fender flares.  We were running Toyo Proxes RA1's.  You can see the smaller oil cooler.  
We started out with this oil cooler before moving the larger one pictured above.  
Above -- GRM 2008 Ultimate Track Car Challenge livery.  The event was held at the
Buttonwillow as part of a NASA race weekend.  We had already participated in 2 BMWCCA
club races so the rest of the livery reflects those requirements.  This was the first track event
with our upright extensions for the rear wing.  These extensions allowed us to maxmize the
BMWCCA club rules for wing height and placement.
Below -- Front view of Version 2.0 with the BMW Motorsport strip.  We went with the older
BMW colors (from the late '70s and '80s) which uses a purplish color opposed to the more
recent dark blue color they use.