Tuning Session -- page 1
HQ Autosport
We recently tuned #089 at Canyon Racer Motorsports in Mission Viejo, CA.  This shop is friendly, knowledgeable
and a true supporter of HQ's racing effort.  If you are looking for a dyno tuning shop in Southern California give
Mike a call and tell him we sent you.  He specializes in German cars especially Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen.

Our tune needed a little work after recently adding water injection, our HQ Autosport custom intake plenum and
moving to 110 race fuel.  Over the last 12 months we had strayed from a consistent tune after making minor
changes here and there until we got to the point where we just needed a new clean tune file.

We leveraged the support of Vic Sias from
Sias Tuning remotely.  Vic is an expert at tuning the Electromotive
Tec3R ecu and knows his stuff when it comes to BMW's.  He helped us with our original tunes on the Turbo M42
build.  It's kind of cool making dyno pulls in Mission Viejo (So Cal)  with Vic making tune changes in San Jose and
sending back the file for us to upload for the next pull.

Our goal from this recent tuning session was to get 2 new tune files.  One file for our current configuration without
water injection and the other tune file with water injection.  We accomplished that goal but based on the results we
will most likely run with water injection most of the time.
Tuning Session -- Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer -- 9/17/2010
Baseline for Comparison

Lets call this first file the baseline.  This run was from a couple of years ago.  We were running the stock E30 M42
intake and 14 lbs. of boost.  We didn't have water injection at this point.  

At this time we were trying to understand an over boost issue we were experiencing which was the result of how
we had our wastegate oriented (we didn't know that at the time).  As the engine got hotter it would make more
power from the boost creeping up due to the wastegate becoming less efficient.  We knew we could get over 300
hp and 300 ft lbs of torque but our goal was to make the car more drivable on the track.  At this point in our
development our conclusion was to dial back the boost and make less power.

The key thing to note on this pull is how quickly the horsepower and the torque come on.  That steep jump from
about 3000 to 3500 rpm made it difficult to modulate the throttle on a road course.

We were running 100 unleaded during this tuning session.
New Tuning

This first file is the new tune with our HQ Autosport Intake Plenum, running 110 race fuel but without water
injection.   Another change the baseline above is that we are now running 16 lbs. of boost.  Note the first file has
an overlay of the second file embedded in it.

Notice how the horsepower and the torque build more gradually.  Again this helps make the car more drivable
and predictable on the race track.

The second file is the same configuration but with water injection.  The water allows us to add more timing and
gain 24 horsepower.