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New Projects

Spec E46

HQ Autosport is currently building 2 new Spec E46 cars. We
will keep one and sell the other.  This class is just getting off
the ground with the first HQ Autosport Spec E46 nearing its
first race it is currently the first car on the West coast built
for this class.  The goal was to build a car to compete in
NASA's Endurance series in the West and we think this car
as classed within NASA's current rules will be competitive.

SE46 looks like a great next step for SE30 folks looking for
another spec series with competitive racing but with a more
adjustable suspension.  More photos

NOTE -- Spec E46 is not recognized this season but will
most likely be recognized for the 2015 racing season.

Rear Diffuser

When we did the "Version 2.0" upgrades we cut the spare
tire well out of the trunk in an effort to shed a little weight
and make space for a rear diffuser.  We did some research
and determined the angle based on the cars stance.  The
rear valance was trapping air so even if we don't achieve
added downforce we hope to gain something from
minimizing drag from the trapped air.  Go
here to see some
photos of the diffuser build.

Recent Events

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway BMWCCA Club Race
3/19 & 3/20/2011

The first BMWCCA club race at CVR hosted by the San
Diego chapter (which did a great job all weekend).  This was
a challenging weekend to say the least.  We arrived early on
Friday in order to get some testing in.  After running 2
sessions we realized that the engine was running hot which
could only mean.... head gasket.  We started the job at 3:00
pm and completed the job at 8:00 pm ready to hit the track
on Saturday and the scheduled feature race.  Go
here to
see our "splitter cam" video from the first Friday test session.

Saturday's schedule was a practice session (around 9:00
am), qualify (after lunch) and the feature race starting
around 4:30 pm.  During the first lap of practice the exhaust
note changed from it's normal sound to a small exhaust
leak.  The car was still making power so we continued.  A
half lap later the exhaust note increased and we could feel a
slight power loss.  A couple of turns later we lost boost and
the car was very noisy.  

We pulled into the pits and our wastegate had come loose
and was hanging by the vacuum hose.  We lost 3 parts on
the track (2 V-band clamps and the valve seat).  Long story
short our day changed from race prep to make the race at
any cost.  Our only option was to find the parts.  We went to
the video and figured out where the part fell off the car.  We
looked at every corner worker break  (there weren't many)
and every spare minute that the track was cold.  About 2
hours before the race we found the one key V-clamp we
needed for the car to run.  It was slightly down on power but
our goal of making the race was in reach.  

We started 31st out of 31 cars on the grid due to missing
qualification but in within 15 laps we moved up 12 places to
finish 18th.  We were happy with the result based on the
challenges the day threw at us.  Go
here to see the race

On Sunday during the qualification session we blew another
Getrag 240.  Now we know for sure that the Getrag 240 can
not handle the torque we make.  Look for a transmission
upgrade coming soon.

We made lemonade and even though we weren't able to
race we scored a ride in the pace car for the start of the
Sunday points race.  We got some cool shots which could
show up in Roundel.  Go
here to see some of the Sunday
race photos.

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway 1/15/2011

With the car tuned and our fuel injector issue resolved the
next step was an on track test session.  CVR is a great new
track and its always fun to run there.  We ended our second
session of the day with a bang.  Go
here to see the video.

Tuning Session 12/16/2010 -- details are here

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway 10/30 & 10/31/2010

We participated in a joint POC/BMWCCA track day weekend
at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway just outside of Palm Springs.  
The track is new which means it's freshly paved and
smooth.  It's also fairly wide in areas and should make a
good venue for the upcoming San Diego BMWCCA
sponsored club race in March 2011.  

Anyone located in Southern California needs to get out
there to either watch a club race or participate in a track
day.  They are still building up the facility with many of the
permanent structures scheduled to be built in the summer of
2011 when the track activity slows down due to the summer

Getting back to our testing weekend at Chuckwalla, we
thought the car would run well based on the previous tuning
session in September.  It still felt like it had a slight miss but
the dyno results told us the car was running so we were
optimistic going into this test weekend.

We put the car on the track for the first session and it ran
about 75% of what it's capable of.  We were experiencing a
power loss that felt like either fuel or ignition.  What we didn't
know was that first session would be the best the car would
run all weekend.  

We began our troubleshooting process and systematically
narrowed down the issue suspecting it to be fuel related.  

Tuning Session 9/17/2010 -- details are here
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