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M42 Coil On Plug Kits

We built our first Coil On Plug kit to solve a
problem that many turbo projects have.  Top
mount turbos require space in your engine
bay occupied by the OEM coil pack.  Going
to separate coils located at the top of each
cylinder created the space we needed to
build out our turbo M42 D-Modified BMW
CCA Club Race car.  

Since then hundreds of BMW M42 owners
around the world have added the HQ
Autosport COP Kit to their cars.  

Our kit is plug and play for most BMW M42
engines in both E30 and early E36 chassis.

M44 Harness

Our M44 harness includes our custom wiring
harness that allows the use of a COP kit on
M44 engines.  This harness adapts the M44
Coil pack wiring into 4 separate COP wires.  
Our M44 COP harness is built with new
original BMW parts.

Installation of your HQ Autosport COP kit is
easy.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being
hardest.  This installation is a 2.

The photos at the bottom of the page are
from one of our customers who installed one
of our pre-production M44 COP kit on his
supercharged 1.9L 1997 Z3.  One very nice
Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Our Coil On Plug (COP) kit is an aftermarket upgrade that allows
you to install the ignition coils directly on top of the spark plug,
mounting them to the valve cover and cylinder head. While the
M42 does use multiple individual coils, all other BMW engines of
this and future generations utilize a factory COP solution. This
plug and play kit requires no modification to your wiring harness,
installs with simple hand tools in about 10 minutes, and uses
aftermarket Bremi (OEM) style coils to eliminate the lengthy and
expensive spark plug wires. This kit provides more benefits and
at a lower price than a new set of performance spark plug wires.

What are the benefits?

Installing this kit gives you a cleaner, simpler engine bay,
eliminates the lengthy and unsightly spark plug wires, and
removes multiple points of failure in the ignition system. Many
owners report improved throttle response, a smoother idle, and
elimination of ignition misses. If you have or suspect a defective
coil, this kit is significantly less expensive than replacing the OEM
coils and wires.

What does the HQ Autosport COP kit include?

Our kit comes complete with everything you need to make this
Coil on Plug conversion.  

  • One, machined COP plate with bead blasted finish
  • Four, brand new Bremi style aftermarket coils
  • Installation instructions with color photos
  • Hardware kit with all the hardware you will need to complete
    the installation.  

Is it reliable?

Our COP kit is race proven technology. We run the same kit on
our BMW CCA Club Race Car which makes over 300 RWHP and
300 Ft-Lbs of torque. This car has been seen in Grassroots
Motorsports and Performance BMW magazines and is
campaigned in  BMW CCA CR class (DM). We have shipped
these kits all over the world and have never had a return or
failure. Our COP Kit feature a one year warranty from date of

Is it easy to install?

The COP kit requires only simple hand tools including a 10mm
deep well socket wrench and an Allen wrench. Installation can be
completed in about 10 minutes by a novice. The kit is complete
with the mounting plate, 4 new ignition coils and boots, all
hardware and step by step color instructions.

Why are we selling these?

We needed the solution on our race car because we had to make
room for the turbo. We use the small profit from these kits to help
fund the racing and upgrades to the car. When you buy this kit,
you not only get a cool upgrade for your car but you also help
support the only turbo M42 running in BMW Club Racing.

What engines and cars will this work with?

Our current M42 Coil on Plug kit is plug and play for all BMW M42
engines in E30 chassis cars.  

How do I get one?

We accept Paypal and ship via 2-3 day via USPS Priority mail.
Option 1

HQ COP Plate, & Installation
(no coils)

PayPal $110 USD
with shipping US

PayPal $145 USD
with shipping Intl

Option 2

HQ COP Plate,
HQ Custom #1 Coil &
Installation Hardware

PayPal $165 USD
with shipping US

PayPal $205 USD
with shipping Intl

Option 3

HQ COP Plate,
HQ Custom #1 Coil,
Standard 2,3 & 4 Coils
& Instalation Hardware

PayPal $195 USD
with shipping US

PayPal $269 USD
with shipping Intl

Late Production M42 & M44
ECU Connector to Coil Pack
wiring diagram -- link
HQ Autosport
M42 Coil On Plug Kit Options

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We offer a 1 year warranty on our coils!!!
M44 COP Kit  Customer Install

Joe Park's 1997 Z3 1.9L with a
Downing Atlanta Supercharger &
TechTuning Stage2
M44 Harness Only (photo above right)

no coils, no COP plate

This harness does NOT ship with any of the
kit options priced and listed above.  

Available only in group buys of 10 units

$2,100 USD
$2,500 USD Intl
Intl price is for shipping bulk to one location

Contact us to discuss pricing of
M44 harness with COP kits

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Please Note -- M44 Harness is
Only available in Group Buys