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HQ Autosport
Below Top -- The engine and transmisson was pulled, the engine was torn down and brought to our
machine shop for inspection.  After about 18 months of service including one race season the head is true
and the engine only needs rings.  The rings never seated properly due to the fact that we used synthetic oil
from the start.  Our machine shop suggests conventional 30 weight for one test day at the track to break-in
the new rings.

Below Bottom -- We start prepping the car for the DTM Fibrewerkz wide body kit.  I know it looks a little
messy but our work area is organized chaos.  Just the way we like it.
Below -- The engine is back from the machine shop getting prepped for the head to be installed.  We
currently run a stock head (stock hydraulic lifters, stock cams) with a 3 angle valve job.  We use a stock
M44 head gasket.
Below -- The body kit is installed.  The car has just come back from a short trip to our body guy who did
some finishing work to the rear quarter panels and the side skirts.  He also welded/filled in the holes left
from removing the door molding.