PorscheSince 1931, the Porsche brand has been producing some of the finest vehicles ever to grace the roads. This luxury brand of sport and sport utility vehicles has long been something of a status symbol, and at HQ Autosport in Escondido, CA, we have noticed they are more popular than ever before. But Porsche owners often face problems when it comes to the service and repair of their vehicles. They can bring it to the dealership, which is often extremely expensive, or they can try and find an auto shop that might not be experts in dealing with these finely tuned machines. Well, Porsche drivers, the search is over. For all service and repair of your Porsche, you can trust the experts at HQ Autosport.

Porsche Service Escondido CA

Purchasing a Porsche vehicle is a big investment, and you’ll probably have great interest in preserving that investment. You can do that by partnering up with HQ Autosport for your Porche’s scheduled maintenance. Each Porsche requires different services at different mile marks, but Porsche’s generally need scheduled services at 10,000 mile intervals. A sample of scheduled services might look a little like this:

  • 10,000 Miles – Oil and oil filter change, tire rotation, and safety inspection
  • 20,000 Miles – All 10,000 mile services, as well as, brake pad service or replacement as required
  • 30,000 Miles – Brake fluid, engine coolant services, and transmission fluid changes, as well as air and fuel filter replacement and spark plug checks.
  • 40,000 Miles – All 10,000 mile services, in addition to engine and cabin air filter replacement

We can work with you on setting up your Porsche’s scheduled maintenance, or you can flip to the back of your owner’s manual and see what the schedule looks like for yourself. Either way, HQ Autosport wants to be your dealer alternative for Porsche service.

Porsche Repair Escondido CA

Even a beautiful vehicle like a Porsche will eventually need repairs, and when that time comes, the pros at HQ Autosport will be here to help out. So if you find that your AC doesn’t work like it once did, or your brakes are squealing or vibrating, don’t trust your Porsche to just any auto repair shop. Bring it to the Porsche experts at HQ Autosport. Our team is uniquely qualified to repair any problem your Porsche might have, and we can get you back out on the roads of Escondido, CA in no time.

Porsche Repair Near Me

A Porsche vehicle is a finely tuned and extremely impressive driving machine. And the care of that machine shouldn’t be trusted to just any old auto repair shop. The dealership is too expensive, and a lot of auto repair shops aren’t set up or qualified to work on Porsche vehicles. That is definitely not the case at HQ Autosport, where our techs are Porsche experts. If you are driving a Porsche in Escondido, CA, let us help with any service or repair you might need. Make an appointment today!

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